Patton Cabin


Patton cabin sits in the southwest edge of the Lexington Park District next to the pool park. John Patton and his wife, Margeret (Wiley) Patton, came to Illinois from Switzerland Country, Indiana and Gerrard Country, Kentucky in the fall of 1828 with their twelve children in the winter. In March, 1829, they settled in a Kickapoo Indian village near the junction of Patton Creek and the Mackinaw River, three and a half miles southeast of Lexington.  The structure that would become their settlement eventually made its way to the park in 1969. The cabin was restored in 1984-85 using some square notched logs which distinquishes them from the original Patton logs. The Patton Cabin was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.

More information can be found at the patton cabin website:

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